What’s in a logo? Pretty much everything… Companies use logos to act as a visual identity for their brand; and successful logos have two components, distinctiveness and simplicity. A well designed logo helps customers quickly identify a business, and is attributed to building trust and loyalty from customers. Instagram has been catching a lot of flak and mixed reviews about their new updated logo; personally I think it’s great and here’s why.

  1.      1. Instagram has been cultivating a community of creativity and allowing every novice with a camera phone to feel like a professional photographer. Why does this matter? See #myinstagramlogo, now we can do even more to engage our favorite brands! Instagram has embraced the fact that people want to share their logo and make it personal (which further bonds the customer to IG). This is darn smart. Social Media Marketing is all about being a regular part of your customer’s daily life.


  1. 2. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, and still highly recognizable. It also more adequately represents the growth of its audience of businesses, photographers, designers, and artists. Instagram has evolved, so why shouldn’t their logo?


  1.     3. It’s well thought out. Instagram took almost a year to develop their new logo and they were highly interested in their user’s opinions, not too often do the consumers have input in this way. I think it’s commendable that they took this approach. You can read more on Ian’s blog about the release by clicking here.


  1.      4. It is so internet right now, whether you love it or hate, you’re probably talking about it… The famous words “All publicity is good publicity” are especially true in this case. Talking generates awareness and that just boosts Instagram’s position as a company that is top of mind and very integrated into our lives. Besides, I doubt if there is a very large amount of people who have stopped using Instagram because of this change.


  1.      5. They unified the image of all their affiliate apps as well as improved the user interface. Ian from Instagram mentioned that the User Interface was redesigned to make the posts the focus in the app. By reducing visual noise and implementing slightly bolder notifications the app has a clean and elegant feel.


In the end we have all watched our favorite brands update their image time and time again; some more than others Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft…Change is inevitable, we should embrace it or at least be more understanding to why our favorite brands feel the need to keep updating their public image. People change and so should the brands that serve them.